How to Create an Engaging Blog and Earn Money with yooExpress

You may definitely have seen many other guys who do blogging and make a full time income? So did you ever think that how did they manage to do that? There are many methods for earning money from blogging and, I am going to walk you through the process of how to make money with your blog using yooExpress Method.

It's great if you already have a blog or a website, but if you haven't, you can read this article and create a new blog for free.
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#1 Step - Create a Blog First. ( If you havn't )

If you are dreaming about creating a popular website, first you need to create a one. The special point here is, you should select the right niche according to your taste and talent. Otherwise chances are more that you will give up by getting bored.

If you need help for creating a blog, Read this article.

#2 Step - Start Creating Useful and attractive content.

The most important thing here is creating valuable and useful content. Otherwise the people who visits your site, will never come back. So keep in mind about creating useful content.

3# Step - Drive traffic to your blog via social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc

You can comment on social media forums and other tech forums for driving traffic to your website. But keep in mind that you should never use any of the spamming techniques for creating links. If you or your blog get a bad reputation by doing those things, then people will never thrust you or your blog in advance. So avoid such methods.

In this step, keep in mind that, we are not just seeking traffic. We are seeking for valuable customers.

4# Step - Build a close engagement with the readers that come

This step is not that hard, but this step is very important. Respond to comments and contact visitors personally and do everything that you can do, to make them comming back again. Those visitors are the main source for spreading your website's name across the country. So treat them well and well!

5# Step - Now it is the time to Start the yooExpress method

As soon as you start using this method yooExpress, your website becomes a money machine!! Not sure? Ok then try it yourself.

Select any link that is more valuable to customers and convert that link into a yooExpress link and then place that link in your website!. Now Every time some one goes through your link, the amount of price is deducted from their mobile account and get transfered to your yooExpress account.

After your earnings exeed the minimum withdrawing threshold, you can withdraw your money via these three methods. Ez-cash, m-Cash or Banktransfer.

If you have any more problems, Please do not hesitate to contact us!

-yooExpress Team