How to Monetize Your Facebook Page or Website in Less Than 5 Minutes

සිංහල පරිවතනය කියවීමට, මෙතන ක්ලික් කරන්න

Facebook pages allows us to engage with our audience very easily. But how can we convert those reachs into money?

Yes, You can do traditional things such as

You can start one of above very easily, but maintaining many of above needs a big investment and/or so much hardwork. And also you will need a much courage to earn your first penny! So chances are more you will give up your dream business after several attempts.


You can sell links.
What? Are you Talking about URL Shorteniing Services such as Adf.ly and Shorte.st?
No, NEVER!. If you wanna earn a reasonable amount of money from that kind of web services, you should have a big traffic for your links. Unfortunately getting a high real traffic is not that easy!

But Imagine If you Can Sell the Links you share for a reasonable price you like, how attractive it will be?

Imagine if you can charge Rs 10 every time someone watches the video you created for 7 Days?

Imagine If you can charge Rs 50 when someone download the Beat Package you created?

If you can charge Rs 5 when someone downloads that rare Torrent file you found after googling for several hours?

If you can earn a litte Rs 5 when someone reads the valuable article you wrote after doing a big research?

Isn't that great?
If you were thinking about above stuff in the past, then probably you were finding this website for years!!. Now Celebrate!. Because finally you have found us!

With this amazing service, you can virtually attach a "Price Tag" to any of your valuable links. Every time someone go through your link,the price is deducted from their mobile account and get transferred to your yooExpress wallet. Feel Exited?? I know yes. Then continue reading!

Lets explain this using an example. While you were browsing the internet, accidentally you find a very rare link. You decide to share this link on your Facebook page. So you copy the link and paste it in your Facebook page and click post? NO.. STOP!

Can you earn a cent if you are still following that traditional procedure?
Only the owners of that websites are earning money. Not you!

To earn a profit as a intermediate person,

  1. Go to the yooExpress Website's Homepage and Click LOG IN/SIGN UP Button

  2. Fill the Form using your correct information and click submit!

  3. Make sure that all the information you have entered is valid, otherwise your account may be suspended during the verification process and you will not be able to withdraw your money

  4. You will Get Your Username

  5. Remember it because you will need it the next time you sign in. Now Click OK

  6. Now You Will See Your Account Overview

  7. Click on the home button and goto the homepage again

  8. Now Paste the Link You Want to Share in the Text Box

  9. Then Click CREATE

  10. Enter the Correct Details About Your Link

  11. These information is displayed when users are passing your link.
    So do not enter incorrect information.After Entering All Details, Click CREATE

  12. Now Copy the bit.ly Link and Share!

  13. Then you are done!

    Every time user clicks the link you shared, a random code is displayed to them. If they are ready to pay for your link, they should send a SMS as displayed.

    As soon as the SMS is sent, the link get automatically unlocked. Also the user will be charged the displayed amount of money from their mobile account. As a service charge, we charge only little 5% for one the transaction while Mobile Operator charges 30%.. The rest 65% will automatically be transferred directly to your account. Go to "Account" page and see your total earnings!!

    If you have any more problems, please contact us and We will Respond you as soon as possible!
    Happy Earnings!!!!